Katrina (blu_kitty_29) wrote in csummertheatref,


Dear CSTF Board,

Eric Schwartz will be performing in the Pearl River High School, senior musical production of FAME, December 9th and 10th (Friday and Saturday evenings ) at


Next Board Meeting.... TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13th at 8:00PM at St. Paul's Church in New City.

Remember to bring donated items for the family CSTF is helping next Tuesday, Dec.13.

***Don't forget to write letter #126 on the boxes. Do NOT gift wrap anything!

- Reading Committee will report

- Registration Commitee NEEDS Chair / Co-Chair!!

We expect to see MANY of the Summer Theatre Board at the DEC. 13th meeting!

Stephanie & Jenn
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Hey Guys! It's Jamie. I hope you all are doing ok. Just wanted to let you all know I got a new lj name and I'd love to hear from all of you.