Allie Simone (starstruck03) wrote in csummertheatref,
Allie Simone

Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Alright for WSS cast members only!

If you are free Friday evening, let me know b/c I am having people over to watch the DVD of West Side Story. I think I would want people there by 6 or 6:30. RSVP ASAP!
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i think i can actually go!
because i'm going on vacation sunday instead of friday.
i wanna go !!
I can go
yayy! post directions
tell someone to post it on the myspace site...
i dont think i can go :-(
i'll be there babe :)
I might have work until 9 (I tried to get out of it but I'm new so I have no say in anything) but I will come late if people are still if I can. I might only have to work till 6-but I think its 9
Come the moment u get out of work and no buts about it. Tell ur boss its important... ur friend IS going AWAY to college and this could be the last time to hang out.